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Operations Manager

Leader in Development and Property Management
Ramnicul Valcea
Key responsibilities:

1. Customer Relationship Management (Distributors & Logistics Services Providers)

  • To assist the Shopping Centre Manager in the operational management of the undertaking, ensuring the quality of the services provided by the Shopping Centre;

  • To coordinate and prepare all the report information for both owner and management and to monitor the execution of the budget of common expenses, in order to detect and explain the disparities;

  • To centralize the information in all areas of the Shopping Centre for the purpose of preparing the budget to be submitted for the approval of the Shopping Centre Manager;

  • To analyze, on a monthly basis, the evolution of costs, comparing them to the budget amounts, in order to detect and explain any disparities, ensuring the fulfillment of the technical department’s budget;

  • To determine needs and present investment proposals (for large change or improvement works), in order to exploit the spaces and satisfy the customers’ requirements;

  • To prepare all necessary information, for both the owner and management, in order to allow the monitoring of the business’ performance and support the decision-making process;

  • To follow up the Shopping Center’s operations management in all its aspects (e.g. refurbishments of the Shopping Center or Shops, the management of the car park etc), in order to be able to replace the manager whenever necessary;

  • To coordinate all the collaboration contacts between the Shopping Centre and the official entities (Fire Brigade, police), in order to assure that all the operations are running in accordance with the established Safety & Security standards;

  • To coordinate the assessment and approval of construction projects presented by new shopkeepers;

  • To identity, select, propose for approval and follow up on items that compose the investment plan of the shopping centre;

  • To assure that the Shopping Center is in line with the corporate responsibility target on safety& health and environment, accordingly to the company policy;

  • To integrate the service company reports and the Shopping Center’s operating reports (technical maintenance, intervention in repairs, energy consumption and machine registries);

  • To prepare event reports, in order to examine the business’s progress and compare it with what was planned, detecting the deviations and, consequently, taking or suggesting corrective measures.

  • University Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering (preferential) – alternatively degree in Management / Economics;

  • At least 3 years previous experience in real estate/Shopping Center/leasing;

  • Strong Communication and negotiation skill;s

  • Excellent organizing, forecasting and planning abilities;

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Customer oriented;

  • A good team player

  • Strong leadership and people development skills;

  • Dedicated and Reliable

  • Results orientated

  • Good analytical skills

  • Creative and Inovative

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