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A typical scenario

  • Arrange client meeting to obtain clear understanding of the company’s structure, operations and priorities;
  • Discuss and analyze the role in terms of responsibilities, targets, reporting lines, etc;
  • Draw up profile of the ideal candidate in terms of necessary experience, skills and personal qualities;
  • Establish appropriate remuneration package and conditions of employment, etc;
  • Confirm our understanding of the above points in the form of a written proposal setting out the recruitment brief in full, our fee structure, terms of business and an estimate of the time-scale within which we shall fulfil the assignment;
  • Upon agreement to proceed we find candidates as previously agreed with the client (via executive search/media and database selection/combination of these methods);
  • Select candidates whose qualifications and background most nearly match the candidate profile previously agreed with the client;
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with suitable candidates to evaluate their competences, relevant experience, personal qualities and motivation;
  • Submit a short-list of candidates who most nearly fit the client’s specifications;
  • Present a report to the client accompanying the short-list of candidates, detailing each candidate’s experience, qualities and aptitudes, academic and other background, measuring them against a number of criteria;
  • Submit report to the client detailing each candidate’s background, experience, aptitudes and qualities;
  • Liaise with client/candidates throughout the interviewing process;
  • Assist with negotiations between client and favoured candidate over terms of employment.